Onetick Factoring In Arnie

Terms and Conditions for Factoring:

  1.  The applicant agrees to comply with these terms and conditions and the standard Onetick factoring agreement.
  2. Onetick will provide finance up to the value of the invoice (less fees) for smash repairs completed by the applicant.
  3. The applicant must complete a Onetick application and provide all documents set out in that application as pre-condition to finance.
  4. The applicant will pay the following fees:
    1.75% of the value of the factored invoice.
  5. A pre-condition of the contract is that the Insurer Repair Authority and invoice must be transmitted to Onetick via ARNIE rior to the granting of finance
  6. Finance will be paid to the applicant within 24 hours of any application being approved.